Balance your Chakras for greater health and higher consciousness

Each chakra correlates to parts of our physical body as well as to emotional or psychological challenges. By balancing the chakras, we can prevent physical conditions from manifesting as well as improving the emotional and physical conditions that we have. Balancing your chakras also helps you reach higher levels of consciousness and enables you to experience your Divinity more readily.

The program includes:

  • An assessment for each chakra so you can tell if that chakra is blocked or not

  • Information about the chakra including which areas of the body it governs, the physical and emotional challenges related to that chakra, and how you will know the chakra is balanced

  • A meditation for balancing each chakra. The track includes brain entrainment technology to help you enter a meditative state, a healing frequency to balance the chakra, and subliminal suggestions designed for each chakra

  • A video for each chakra highlighting other ways to balance the chakra using a mantra, gems, herbs and oils, food, affirmations as well as several activities that will help balance each chakra

Course curriculum

Pricing options

take up to 4 months to pay