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If you prefer to go through the program with a like minded cohort and have the feeling of being in a virtual classroom, this is the option for you. You receive access to the Online Hypnotherapy Program but also attend a class one weekend a month for a year. ​

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and important info

    • Message from Linda

    • Introduction to the course

  • 2

    Schedule and Links

    • Zoom links and Schedule

  • 3

    Month 1 Class Recordings

    • Saturday- video 1- Introductions and your experiences of hypnosis

    • Saturday- Video 2- Introduction to the course and my philosophy

    • Saturday- Video 3- Presuppositions, Model of the Mind, Derren Brown

    • Sunday- Video 1 - "How it all fits together" chart- Part 1

    • Sunday Video 2 "How it all fits together" chart- Part 2

    • Sunday Video 3- Making the Model of the Mind relevant- theory and exercise

    • Sunday Video 4- The Session

    • Sunday Video 4- Debriefing the Session and take-aways

  • 4

    Month 2 Class Recordings

    • Saturday- Video 1- Check in

    • Saturday- Video 2- Debriefing the Blindfold Exercise, Kappas- Qualities of a Physical versus an Analytical

    • Saturday- Video 3- Other factors that affect depth, Example of Confusion Induction

    • Saturday Video 4- Joe Dispenza, Healing the body with the mind, mirror neurons, non locality

    • Saturday Video 5 - Rapport, Tony Robbins, Debrief of rapport exercise, video: physical body with non physical abilities

    • Sunday Video 1- Listening Skills including the first video we watched

    • Sunday Video 2- Listening Skills including the second video we watched and Reflective Listening practice

    • Sunday - Video 3 - Roadblocks and takeaways

  • 5

    Month 3 Class Recordings

    • Saturday- Video 1- Check in, prepping yourself and your room for seeing clients

    • Saturday- Video 2 - The consultation- going over intake questions

    • Saturday- Video 3- Lucy's consultation and discussion

    • Saturday- Video 4- Consultation Role Play

  • 6

    Month 4 Recordings

    • Saturday Video 1- Check in, introductions, hypnotic voice

    • Saturday- Video 2- Marking out, Derren Brown BMX video and debrief

    • Saturday- Video 3- Review of consultation steps, Luri interviews Heather, debrief of consultation

    • Saturday- Video 4- Heather interviews Jason, Debrief

    • Sunday -Video 1- Jason interviews Luri and debrief

    • Sunday- Video 2- We share our ABC's

    • Sunday- Video 3- Structure of a session, Desensitize, Center, Eye test demo, and group session

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    • Certification Options

Pricing options

There are several payment plans available. Note: This course requires the prerequisite purchase of the Online Hypnotherapy Certification program