Are you using your subconscious intentionally- or living your life by default?

  • Improve Your Life by Leveraging Your Subconscious Mind

    Your subconscious mind runs 90-95% of your behavior and all of your emotional responses. If you are not using your subconscious intentionally, you are living your life by default, not by design

  • Unlock the power of your Subconscious Mind

    This thorough and useful program is designed to help you develop a deeper and more intentional relationship with your subconscious mind so that you can create the life you desire, program your mind for the results you want and manifest more easily

  • Practical, Hands-on Techniques

    With every lesson you are taught a new technique that will enable you to more easily speak to, program and hear back from your subconscious mind. The applications are many-- change a belief or behavior, co-create with the Universe, enhance your intuition and more

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A message from Linda

  • 2


    • Let's begin!

    • Game: How well do you know the two parts of your mind?

  • 3

    Lesson 1 -Introduction to Your Subconscious Mind

    • Why Take Control of Your Subconscious Mind?

  • 4

    Lesson 2- Making Contact with Your Subconscious

    • About the Focus of these first tools

    • Tool # 1: Develop a Creative Practice

    • Tool # 2: Spend time in an Alpha state

    • Tool #3: Gratitude

    • Comparison of the Benefits of the three tools

    • Your Assignment

  • 5

    Lesson 2 Supplementary material

    • Tool # 2: Track for achieving an alpha state- option 1 - The "Zapper"

    • Tool # 2: Track for achieving an alpha state- option 2 Peaceful Beach

    • Tool # 3: Gratitude Form

    • Feeling Keen? This track will guide you through using all 3 tools

  • 6

    Lesson 3- How to Speak to the SC mind

    • How to Speak to your Subconscious Mind

    • Tool # 4: Ask and Observe!

    • Your Assignment this week

    • At the end of the week, do this poll

  • 7

    Lesson 3 Supplementary Material

    • Track for achieving an alpha state- option 1 - The "Zapper"

    • Track for achieving an alpha state- option 2 Peaceful Beach

  • 8


    • The focus of the next 3 lessons

  • 9

    Lesson 4: Programming the Subconscious Using the Yes Set Journal

    • Tool # 5: The Yes Set Journal

    • Your Assignment

  • 10

    Lesson 5: Programming the Subconscious Using the Perfect Day Journal

    • Theory: Communicating with the subconscious and some theories as to how manifestation works

    • Tool # 6: The perfect Day Journal

  • 11

    Lesson 6: Programming the Subconscious Using Layered Writing

    • Tool #7: Layered Writing

  • 12


    • The focus of these lessons

  • 13

    Lesson 7: Using Imagery- A Visit from Your Successful Future Self

    • Tool # 8 A Visit from Your Successful future Self

    • Audio track: A Visit from Your Successful Future self

  • 14

    Lesson 8: Using Imagery- The Team

    • Tool #9 : The Team

    • Audio track: The Team

  • 15

    Part 4: What if I am still stuck?

    • Nothing seems to be working! Now what?

  • 16

    Lesson 9: Getting Unstuck with Parts work

    • Tool #10: Parts work

    • Audio Track: Parts Work

Your Instructor

Co Founder

Linda Sevilla

Linda Sevilla (previously Campbell) has been a Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist since 1999. She loves helping clients solve their mysteries – – delving into what’s behind their fear or phobia, clearing up the psychosomatic portion of physical discomfort, soothing a mind that is suffering from anxiety, OCD or post traumatic stress disorder, uncovering the real reason a client is hanging onto weight or their cigarettes – – – to name a few. She has helped literally 1000′s of clients turns their lives around and achieve their goals. Also a trained and certified teacher, Linda opened the Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy in 2004. Since that time, she has been providing quality, hands-on Hypnotherapy Certification training. The Horizon Center has been recognized by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association for Excellence in Hypnotherapy training. Linda was featured over 50 times on the AM radio talk show “Talk It Over” with host Terry Spence to discuss different applications of hypnosis and also did live hypnosis demonstrations on The Zone 91.3 helping cohost of the morning show, Jason Lamb, quit smoking. Linda founded the Canadian Association of Counseling Hypnotherapists and Educators (CACHE), has sat on the board of the Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH) and has been a speaker and trainer at several Hypnotherapy conferences.

Social proof: testimonials

Literally changed my Life!

Meriah Pettersen of Windsong Hypnotherapy

Discovering Linda Campbell literally changed my life. From the well thought out educational materials and safe environment that Linda creates in and out of her classroom, to the personal work I had not anticipated would be so healing & supports me in holding space for others. Linda empowered me to create the life for myself and my family that I have always had on my vision board.

Expert at her craft and an excellent teacher

Linda Dawson-Reid

I have taken many advanced education and personal development courses and it is a rare thing indeed to find someone who is an expert at their craft and an excellent teacher. Linda Campbell is both. She is also supportive and will do whatever it takes to help you become successful

Far exceeded my expectations!

Jenn Chan

I have always been interested in the habits & behaviors of people, how the brain works and the benefits of Hypnosis. Linda is very skilled at delivering the course. The classes were always planned & structured however, also allowed for the class to address any topics that were relevant. Linda’s natural teaching style & genuine passion for her profession inspires passion in her students & gives them the ability to learn with ease, as well as her ability to provide students with a safe, comfortable environment to be expressive and grow their skills. Linda continues to be a great mentor and teacher.

phenomenally talented practitioner and also an engaging teacher

Carmen Spagnola

I am so happy I decided to study hypnotherapy with Linda. She has the rare quality of being a phenomenally talented practitioner and also an engaging teacher – not everyone can excel at both roles, but she does. I would recommend her course because she not only has years of technical experience and a wealth of knowledge to share, but also holds a teaching degree and it shows. Her presentation of the material was detailed, well organized, and comprehensive. She’s also a very compassionate, sensitive, and attentive facilitator when it comes to group sharing and discussion. I looked forward to every class and was sad when it was over!

couldn't be happier with the quality of the education I received

Denise McMorris

I highly recommend this program! I feel very grateful to have found Linda and taken her Hypnotherapy course. Her philosophy and strategies resonated with me immediately. The year flew by and here I am, having graduated only recently, and already getting great results and enjoying a quickly growing clientele! I honestly couldn't be happier with the quality of the education I received, as well as the ongoing support which continues indefinitely. She made a point of cultivating a connectivity with my fellow students, and I know that I have a family of contemporaries that I can turn to for support at any time.

The course exceeded my expectations!

Niki Allard

I graduated from Linda Campbell’s Hypnotherapy course in 2019. I was looking for new tools with which to work with children and families. The in-person week ends were the highlight of the course for me. Linda brought structure and planning to each day and also had time to explore the needs and queries of the students. We were given many opportunities for hands on practice under careful supervision to which I credit the ease with which I was able to launch my own practice upon completing the course. Linda lead the class with an inspiring blend of enthusiasm, experience, wisdom and curiosity. She skillfully created an environment that was safe, exciting and supportive.

Linda's training is top-notch.

Kai Cheng Thom

Having previously completed a Master's Degree in Social Work, countless professional development trainings, and over ten years in the fields of mental health and complementary health, I am confident in saying that Linda's training is top-notch. Linda brings not only a wealth of hypnotherapeutic skill and knowledge to her classroom, but also fantastic teaching methodology, ethical integrity and enthusiasm for her students' growth.