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About Us

At the Ascension Center, we have over 50 years of experience in working with the subconscious. 

We believe that the subconscious is our super power. 

The subconscious runs 90-95% of our behavior and all of our emotions. And by using the subconscious mind we can change habits and behaviors, improve our emotional state and achieve our goals more easily. 

But the subconscious is so much more than that! 

The subconscious is also our connection to Source. 

Using the subconscious we can manifest our ideal circumstances and access information from Source using non local awareness and tools like remote viewing.

 We have been working with the subconscious in various ways for decades and we are bringing that experience to you! 

We believe we are unlimited in our potential and that by leveraging our subconscious we can remove perceived limitations and expand to our fullest expression.

 If that sounds good to you, come and join us!

We have courses and products to help you harness the abilities of your subconscious mind and a fun, engaged community that likes to talk about fascinating things like consciousness, human potential, the power of intention, conscious co creation , non locality , hidden knowledge, and the powers of the mind.

Why You Should Join

We have pulled together a community of our students, friends and connections who love to learn, grow, explore and have fascinating conversations while learning to expand the power of their own minds.

 Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

A Big Thanks

Thanks for checking out our community. if It feels like a fit for you, we look forward to seeing you inside!

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